Make Your Own Wedding Balloon’s Tassel Garlands

by Shannen Bell May 23, 2016

Make Your Own Wedding Balloon’s Tassel Garlands

Tassel garlands look amazing with our giant wedding balloons to add a wow factor!

It can be expensive to buy readymade tassels, so it’s worth putting some time aside to make your own tassels – and you can customise to suit your wedding theme!


  • Sheets coloured tissue paper/crepe paper in colours of your choice We bought ours from Spotlight
  • Cutting board
  • Ruler
  • Craft knife
  • Pen or pencil
  • Thin ribbon or twine
  • Big glass of red wine (advisable!)

1. Cut your tissue paper in half lengthways so you have a long, narrow piece (25x70cm). Fold this in half and position with the folded edge at the top of your cutting mat or board.

2. Using a cutting board, ruler and scissors or craft knife, cut strips along the tissue paper, leaving around 3cm uncut along the folded edge. The width of your strips depends on how you want your finished tassel to look; 0.5cm was about right.


3. Continue to cut strips until you reach the end of the tissue paper. Don’t worry too much about your strips all being the same width or if you snag the tissue paper – you can disguise a lot when you fold up your tassel. 

4. Open out your tassel to reveal the uncut central area. Start to fold up the tissue paper, making your folds roughly the same width as your strips. Your folds and strips don’t need to line up, but gently detangle the strips as you go along.


5. Once you’ve folded the tissue paper completely, fold the paper in half so all the cut strips are pointing in the same direction. Insert a pen or pencil at the top of the tassel, and gently twist your tassel around it. Avoid using anything narrower than a pencil, as it will make it a lot harder to thread your finished tassels onto ribbon or twine.

6. Once all your tassels are complete, thread them together onto ribbon or twine, tying them in place so they stay evenly spaced. We used around 8 – 10 tassels per wedding balloon, spaced around 6cm apart so they fell over one another when held upright. Don’t forget to attach securely to your wedding balloons.

Wedding balloons with tassel garlands are perfect for…

  • Adding the wow factor to your wedding photos
  • Hanging at the entry way to your venue
  • Photobooth back drop
  • Table centre pieces
  • You can also use the tassels with our honeycomb lanterns

Follow this link to find out where to source helium.

Also, don’t forget to sort out a balloon weight for your wedding balloons! We used some medium sized rocks and our candle bags with an LED light to add some extra light in the evening.


Made some amazing garlands? Send us your photos and we will share on our Instagram page!


Shannen Bell
Shannen Bell