Confetti Cannons

Eventfull New Zealand has developed our own custom range of high powered, hand-held confetti cannons. We use flame-resistant filling and colour-fast materials where possible. 

You may have seen our range on the Jono and Ben Show. We are a firm favourite at leading TV studios. 

We also offer an eco friendly water soluble confetti range which is perfect for wedding and garden venues that have a no-confetti policy as it dissolves completely and washes away. 

Our party poppers feature industry leading features such as high pressure non-flammable compressed air and we have also added an internal grate which catches the rubber bung as it leaves the cylinder to increase the safety of our range. 

Please store your cannons in a cool place and out of the sun.  Remember cars get hot so if you are transporting your cannons to your event put them in a shady spot in the boot.!