DIY Ghost Lantern

by Shannen Bell October 04, 2016

DIY Ghost Lantern

Today we are getting a bit creative!

And in the spirit of Halloween and school holidays this month, we are making ghost lanterns from our Paper Hanging Lanterns!

What you will need:


Step 1:

Assemble your Eventfull Hanging Paper Lantern.

(If you're extra confident you can use our Giant Paper Lantern!)

Eventfull Hanging Paper Lantern 

Step 2:

Drape the white tissue paper overtop of your lantern.

Place a small amount of double sided tape along the top ring of the lantern and stick the white tissue paper down securely.

All going well, your Hanging Ghost Lantern should be taking shape!

DIY Ghost Lantern

Step 4:

Now we need to cut out some facial expressions for our ghosts from you black felt or paper. Here you can add a bit of custom design and flare. All ghosts of course need some eyes and a mouth. You can decide whether you want to have a scary, angry ghost or a friendly, happy ghost – we’ve decided to go with the scary, but friendly option.

Black Felt Circles

Stick the eyes and mouth the the tissue paper on your lantern.

Step 6:

Finally, add your hanging LED light to the inside of the ghost lantern and turn it on!

 DIY Hanging Ghost Lantern

And there you have it! Your very own friend ghost! 

Keep posted for more Halloween themed blogs this month!

Shannen Bell
Shannen Bell