Last swim of the season? Make this Easter one to remember!

by Shannen Bell March 17, 2016

Last swim of the season? Make this Easter one to remember!

Easter weekend is always a great weekend! Those two extra days make it feel like a little holiday.

There’s that much more time for a couple of extra vinos with a few friends on Saturday night – and Sunday if you’re feeling a bit adventurous!

Whatever Easter is about to you, if it’s about catching up with friends and family, a gorgeous day at your local church, or just time to relax and kick your shoes off, there is always room to get festive. Have fun and liven up! And of course indulge in far too much chocolate! Hey! There’s no work on Monday!

I think we’re all hoping for the sun to shine and the wind and rain to stay away a little while longer. Easter always feels like the last weekend of summer, and the beginning of a colder (but still beautiful) season.

We have a few ideas here at Eventfull to “Easter” up your weekend!

If you are having a few friends over, get in the spirit this Easter and get creative!

  • Our Hanging Paper Flower Poufs are great for every occasion!
  • We having lighting for everyone! View our full range online now. Pair our hanging LED lights with the Paper Lanterns, or our submersible LED Fairy Berries with our Water Beads!
  • Our Floating Water Lanterns look amazing floating in your pool or even sitting on dry land, along a path or at your front door.

Make sure you take advantage of our Easter Sale, with 15% off everything online! Simply use the code EASTERBUNNY at the check out page.


Shannen Bell
Shannen Bell