Eco White Confetti Cannon 40cm

This one is the perfect confetti options for wedding venues that don't allow regular confetti and a great alternative to rice. Dissolves in the garden. It is a white-ish clear colour and looks like snow falling from the sky.

It uses a dissolvable rice filling that breaks down in 3-4 days. Simply hose it down 2-3 times and it will disappear before your eyes. 

Perfect for an easy clean up the day after the party or for venues that have a no-confetti policy with traditional confetti. 

Filled with water-soluble clear coloured rice paper filling. Not suitable for indoor use. 

Our cannons are designed to be fun and safe with a rubber bung catchment grill inside the cannon tube. 

Please store your cannons in a cool place and out of the sun.  Remember cars get hot so if you are transporting your cannons to your event put them in a shady spot in the boot!

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