Candle Bags - Stars

You're a STAR! Candle Bags

Luminary bags make a beautiful impact to any evening occasion. Use them at your BBQ's, parties, picnics, or around your patio or deck. They are often seen at restaurants and cafes, and create a romantic ambiance for date evenings! These paper lit bags also look great dotted along pathways at weddings and symmetrically on stairs to give a feature look. Not only are these bags super trendy, they are flame resistant... how cool is that!

To use fill each candle bag with some pebbles or sand to weight it down. Add a tea light, we recommend pairing these with our or LED tealights for a lighting solution which lasts up to 40 hours! 

  • Each packet contains 5 Candle bags.
  • Dimensions: 26cm tall x 15cm wide x 10cm deep.
  • Flame resistant paper bag.

Creative Tip:

Decorate your blank candle bags with felt tips pens, a stamp, emboss or cut a stencil design out of your bag.

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