Bio-Dove Helium Balloon

Bio-Doves are biodegradable dove shaped balloons

We love these beautiful helium dove balloons, they are perfect for all types of events and are especially a lovely addition to Pentecost services, weddings, birthdays and memorials. Due to their unique shape and construction they look lovely ascending into the heavens. Tie multiple doves together to give a bolder look in the sky. This is a high quality, biodegradable product.

  • Size : 95cm x 35cm when fully inflated
  • Comes with biodegradable string

Please note that helium not included but readily available at stores like The Warehouse.

Creative Tip:

Put flower seeds into your dove balloons and release them into the air. We use babies breath flower seeds, they are small and their round shape won't damage the balloon. When the balloon lands the seeds will grow into beautiful flowers.

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